Salov-Berio SINCE 1867

In the beginning

The story of the company began in 1867 in Lucca, when the young Filippo Berio began crafting olive oils worthy of his family and friends. Season by season, his fame grew and, before long, he was hailed as Italy’s premier olive oil connoisseur.

The late 1800s saw thousands of Italians emigrating across the world. Already acclaimed in Italy, Filippo Berio recognised this new opportunity and set sail for America, securing orders from scores of Italian importers, hoteliers, retailers and restaurateurs – the foundation of Filippo Berio’s worldwide reputation.

A growing success

After the Filippo Berio death the Salov Group Olive Oil Company was estabilished and Over the ensuing years, the Salov Group expanded rapidly with the Filippo Berio brand becoming famous in many more countries. To this day, as the keepers of Filippo Berio’s legacy, Salov Group continue to honour his founding passion, artistry and commitment to excellence by creating delicious olive oils for demanding cooks across the world.

Today, Filippo Berio Olive Oil is reknown worldwide for its outstanding quality and flavour, not just in Filippo’s home town of Lucca, but around the world. Its unique flavour, versatility and important health benefits have ensured its lasting popularity through the years.




1829 - The story begins

Filippo Berio was born on the December 8th 1829, in the Ligurian town of Oneglia not far from Genoa.

1835 - A passion for olive oil

A young Filippo Berio moves with his family to Lucca, a province of Tuscany famous for its olive oils. It is here among the rolling hills, that he is inspired to pursue his passion and become an olive oil craftsman.

1850 - A national success

Over the years Filippo worked hard to perfect his craft: he chose the finest olives and pressed them with care and attention into pure and delicious oil. Season after season, his reputation grew until his olive oils received national success: sold and distributed throughout Italy.

1860 - Olive oil connoisseur

Filippo's famous olive oils and high quality standards soon earned him important recognition as one of Italy's premier olive oil connoisseurs and producers.

1867 - The official brand

After over 15 years of olive oil expertise, the Filippo Berio brand is finally registered. The first official record of sale takes place in Filippo's hometown of Lucca, Italy.

1870 - A new frontier

In the 1870's Filippo begins exporting his olive oils to North America, securing orders with Italian importers, hoteliers, restaurant owners and retailers keen on offering customers and clients an authentic taste of Italy.

1872 - Awards & recognition

Filippo receives his first award for his high quality olive oils at the Exposition Universelle de Lyon, and then again in 1878 at the Exposition de Paris.

1893 - World's Colombian Exposition

Filippo Berio's olive oil receives yet another award at the Colombian Exposition in Chicago, USA.

1894 - The end of an era

A year later, Filippo Berio passes away at the age of 64, leaving his legacy to his daughter Albertina and his business partner Giovanni Silvestrini.

1896 - The name lives on

Two years after his death, the Filippo Berio trademark is registered in the United States. In the early 1900's, Filippo Berio Olive Oils becomes Italy's number one export brand thanks to continuous sales, awards and recognition for its exceptional quality and flavour.

1919 - SALOV

Albertina Berio and Giovanni Silvestrini join forces with other prominent olive oil and wine producers to form a cooperative association named SALOV.

1922 - The grand opening

To respond to ongoing demand SALOV opens a fully equipped olive oil refinery in Viareggio, Italy.

1940 - World War II

SALOV interrupts all olive oil production activities. Later in the 1950's, production resumes with the introduction of more modern olive growing techniques

1960/1970 - Continued growth

After the war the Filippo Berio brand name continues to grow and garner success across the globe, thanks in part to numerous studies proving the health benefits of olive oil.

1987 - SALOV North America

To meet growing demands and market needs in North America, SALOV opens a new subsidiary in New Jersey, USA.

1999 - Filippo Berio UK

A little over 12 years later, SALOV opens the Filippo Berio UK subsidiary in London, England.

2006 - A new plant

Salov moves its production facility to Massarosa, Italy just a short distance from Filippo Berio's hometown of Lucca. The new plant is equipped with sophisticated modern equipment used to uphold strict production and quality controls.

2011 - Filippo Berio branches out

Filippo Berio estabilishes a new subsidiary office in Singapore.

2013 - New brand look

The historic Filippo Berio logo gets a makeover: the worker bee which for years distinguished every bottle is replaced with the face of Filippo Berio himself. Later in the year, a new representative office is opened in Moscow, Russia.


Salov enters the Bright Food Group of Shanghai.



A world of quality

Sold in more than 75 countries, Filippo Berio has a worldwide reputation for authenticity and quality. It is one of the best-selling brands in the USA, UK and Russia, with significant market share in Switzerland, Canada and Japan and a growing presence in emerging markets like China and Brazil.

Our guarantee of quality

Like wine, olive oil is affected by the soil, the climate, the variety of the fruit, harvesting methods and the production process. Filippo Berio olive oil is renowned for its consistent quality and the stringent controls applied at every stage of the growing and production process; from sourcing olives, through harvesting, pressing, blending and bottling the final product. The Salov Group network operates across the Mediterranean where stringent olive oil sourcing criteria ensure quality standards of consistent excellence. We’ve worked with many of our growers for many decades so our business relationships are based on long-term trust and mutual respect.