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Fabbri 1905: quality, innovation, enthusiasm and ability to anticipate tastes and trends: Fabbri has featured these values for more than 100 years.



Fabbri was founded in 1905 as a family business. It was the beginning of an entrepreneurial adventure that has grown and expanded to the entire planet.

The fourth generation of the family currently manages a holding that boasts 250 employees, 1200 references, 17 lines of products, 10 subsidiary companies (Germany, France, Spain, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Asia), and exports to more than 105 nations.

Opalina Fabbri Amarena


Universally known for its Amarena Fabbri, a veritable icon and successful protagonist in countless cocktails, the company has successfully diversified its activities, asserting Italian quality in the classical sectors of artisanal gelato and of baked products, and in the more innovative field of mixed beverages

Opalina Fabbri Amarena

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