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Vegetable cous cous with grilled Provolone

Vegetable couscous with grilled Provolone

Some might think couscous is a cereal, but in actual fact it is a traditional Berber product made of semolina, grains of durum wheat. This very versatile ingredient, a staple food in the regions of North Africa, can be cooked and served with vegetables or stews (meat or fish), but it also can be used to make delightful 'salads', such as tabbouleh, or like the one we are presenting here. The delicate taste of the couscous and vegetables perfectly matches with the full, rounded flavour of the Provolone cheese. Enjoy this dish and experiment with it creating your own variations!

Venere rice, octopus, rocket & Provolone salad

Venere rice, octopus, rocket & Provolone salad

Here comes an exotic rice salad for all those of you out there who like nutty cereals, seafood and cheese. The Venere variety is a highly aromatic rice, rich in mineral salts, magnesium, phosphorous and selenium. The much loved combination of octopus, summer vegetables and Provolone cheese flakes creates an appetizing dish that can be enjoyed warm or cold alike.

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