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  • Ricotta & spinach tortelli

    Ricotta & spinach tortelli

    In Italy, Tortelli is a Sunday lunch favourite, as well as a treat for special occasions. Our recipe is among the most well-known in the fresh pasta tradition. The ricotta cheese and spinach filling are quick and easy to prepare, and its delicate taste is best highlighted with a simple butter and sage dressing. And, even better, you can prepare Tortelli in advance and store in the freezer.

  • Occasions Dinner for two

    Want to invite your 'significant other' for dinner and make the evening as perfect as possible? Serving the right food is essential. Take a look through our delicious original recipes, choose the one you like, pair it with the right wine and you’ll be set for a wonderful evening. We’ll provide the occasion… the rest is up to you!

Did you know that...

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...sugary dried fruit is a great source of quick energy and is rich in fibers, mineral salts and vitamins.

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...chips were invented out of spite for a customer who kept on complaining that his potatoes were cut too thick.

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...honey tastes great on cheese: just cut a piece of savoury cheese and drizzle it with some honey.

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...some tasty anchovies can make your usual pizza a wonderful food experience?

  • COURSES Italian Breakfast

    Italians divide into two groups: those who only need a coffee to start the day and those who wake up thinking of the typical sweet Italian breakfast.