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  • Aubergine and tomato Lasagna

    Aubergine and tomato Lasagne

    We invite you to try a 'Sicilian version' of one of Italy’s favourite dishes. However, in this Lasagna you won't be using any meat. Instead you’ll be using lightly pan-fried diced aubergine, together with the béchamel sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano and tomatoes. Give it a try and you’ll fall in love with this delicious southern Italian recipe.

  • Occasions Party Food

    Food is an essential part of every successful Italian party. In this section we suggest some easy recipes that look good on the table and which taste fabulous too.

Did you know that...

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...sugary dried fruit is a great source of quick energy and is rich in fibers, mineral salts and vitamins.

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...chips were invented out of spite for a customer who kept on complaining that his potatoes were cut too thick.

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...honey tastes great on cheese: just cut a piece of savoury cheese and drizzle it with some honey.

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...some tasty anchovies can make your usual pizza a wonderful food experience?

  • Occasions Everyday cooking

    These recipes are the staples of Italian cooking – pastas with easy sauces, traditional risottos, soups, salads. These are the dishes Italians cook every day.